We’re now pet-friendly!

At Robinsons Townville, we treat our furry friends as family. If you are a pet-owner, just follow these guidelines so you can shop and have fun in our malls together with your pets.



  1. To enter the mall, Robinsons Townville Dog Club members must present the dog pass upon entering mall premises. For non members, an updated vaccination record must be presented in lieu of the dog pass.
  2. Owners must have their dog/s on a leash. For large breeds of dogs with height exceeding 24 inches, the dog/s must wear a snout guard.
  3. For small breeds, the dog must wear a diaper. For large breeds where a diaper is not applicable, owner must assume full responsibility to clean up the dog’s waste and throw it in the designated trash can.
  4. The dogs are allowed only in the common areas of the mall and shall not be allowed to enter the premises of the tenant stores.
  5. For pet cats and other domestic pets, they must be carried by the owner upon entrance. Owner must assume full responsibility to clean up the pet’s waste and throw it in the designated trash can. Owner must also present a rabies vaccination record upon entrance. For other domestic pets which do not need an anti-rabies vaccine, a health certificate from a veterinarian should be presented.
  6. In using the escalator, the pet must be carried by the owner to prevent accidents. If it is not possible to carry the pet, the stairs or elevator must be used.
  7. Pets must never be left unattended.
  8. Owner shall take full responsibility over his/her pet’s actions and commits to being fully accountable for any consequential harm against people/animals  and/or damage to property.
  9. Robinsons Townville reserves the right to refuse entry to any pets or deny a Robinsons Townville Dog Club application if deemed necessary due to public health, safety and other operational concerns.





  1. The Robinsons Townville Dog Club is open to all breed of dogs.
  2. Owners must fill up the application form available at the Mall Administration Office of Robinsons Townville malls.
  3. Pay the registration fee worth P150 at the Customer Service Area of Robinsons Supermarket.
  4. Present the following requirements:
  • The original copy of your pet’s updated vaccination record
  • A photocopy of your pet’s updated vaccination record (its front page and the innermost portion showing your pet’s latest rabies vaccination)
  • Two 1×1 colored photos of your pet
  1. The membership is valid until the expiry date of your pet’s rabies vaccination.
  2. The membership is non-transferable.