Robinsons Townville & Grolier Fun Learning Sessions

We have an amazing treat for you and your kids as we partner with Amazing Kids Interactive Center and Grolier International Inc.

Presenting the launch of LIVE LEARNING SESSIONS, a three-part series that encourage fun learning activities with your kids!

Happening every Saturday featuring different hands-on parents starting with Ms. Iam Decano Serrano of @iamdelightfulhimig a V/Blogger, Pre-School Teacher and a certified G-Mombassador. She will do Math Fun Session this September 12, 2020 Saturday at 5pm!

The session will be followed through with equally exciting topics to be led by esteemed Mom Influencers Ms. Nish Ching of Dyosa The Momma, and Ms. Omni Larrosa of Omni & Bryce a Family Vlogger & Parenting Advocate.

On top of that, we will do a #Giveaway and three lucky winners will receive a Grolier Amazing English, a Grolier Math Plate or the Grolier FunThinkers set! 

Click here to watch the live session.