Celebrate Women, Stories of Inspiration




Host of Beauty and the Biz (ABS -CBN News Channel), Orange Blush Salon Owner, Mother & Wife

Joby is the owner of Orange Blush Salon, a chain of beauty salons that started in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. She is also the host of Beauty and the Biz, one of the programs of ABS-CBN News Channel. Armed with a great faith in God, Joby is set out for bigger things happening in her life. She teaches her children to give respect to other people regardless of status which makes her truly one of a kind.



Vendor and Solo Parent

Mylene is a single mother raising her four children by selling snacks and refreshments to employees. Her strong belief in God saved her from all the pains and hardships of life. From her determination and hard work, she was able to send her children to school. She believes that education is the key to eliminate poverty.





Entrepreneur & Gintong Kabataan Awardee

Sheila is a young entrepreneur residing in Pulilan, Bulacan. She believes that women should not be afraid to try new things and reach their dreams in any field. For her, the golden ticket to success comes from hard work and determination. A Gintong Kabataan Entrepreneur Awardee of the Province of Bulacan, Sheila is set to reach higher heights in the years to come.



Differently-abled, Mom & Robinsons ACTS Volunteer

Ate Aimee is a volunteer of Robinsons ACTS, the CSR Program of the Robinsons Townville Malls. She is also a volunteer of other NGOs such as Bantay Bayan Foundation, Starkey Foundation and AKAP Pulilan, a socio-civic organization in Pulilan, Bulacan helping differently-abled children. Being hearing impaired did not stop her from giving her time and service to help other people in need. She is a mom to 2 beautiful children with one also being differently-abled. A cheerful and energetic volunteer, Ate Aimee is such a beacon of light for the many volunteers of Robinsons ACTS.





Mom & Businesswoman

Carmela owns a successful party needs business located in Meycauayan, Bulacan together with his husband. She is a hands-on mom to three beautiful children. Success did not come easy for Carmela. She grew up raised by her single mom who gave her inspiration to pursue her dreams. Patience and hard work are the main drivers for the success of her business.





Interior Designer, Mom & Volunteer

Leticia is an 85-year-old retired interior designer and volunteer of ‘The Lord of Flock’, a catholic prayer group based in Quezon City aiming to help the community of Brgy. Fairview in the field of mental health. After being widowed 26 years ago, she raised her 5 children and 2 adopted children. Her tremendous faith in the Lord gave her strength to face life difficulties. Truly, age doesn’t matter with someone whose heart is rooted in service of others.



Mom & Volunteer

Gemma is a mom and volunteer of Robinsons ACTS, the CSR program of the Robinsons Townville malls. She also leads a quarterly bloodletting program in Quezon City which she has been doing already for 3 years. This started when she got hospitalized because of ‘dengue’ and had to go through a blood transfusion to survive. This seemingly bleak moment in her life paved the way for her to start the bloodletting program as a way of giving back and helping to save other people’s lives. But there are more twists and turns in the life of Gemma as she has also been diagnosed with ‘lupus’, an autoimmune disorder which has no cure yet as of today. Inspite of all these challenges, Gemma remains firm and strong. And that no sickness can ever take away her heart for service.





Fitness Enthusiast, Daughter, Wife & a Mom of All

Elizabeth is one of the regular attendees of the zumba sessions in Robinsons Townville BF. Although not blessed with children, she was able to help a lot of people most especially her family. Currently, she devotes her time taking care of her 86-year-old mother. In our society where having children is a must for being a woman, Elizabeth considers herself as complete and sufficient. She believes that not having a child does not in any way measure her womanhood.





Mom & Businesswoman

Maricel is the business owner of ‘Goto Lover’, a restaurant located in Robinsons Townville Buhay Na Tubig. She used to be a full time mom taking care of her children while her husband is an OFW working as a seaman. She started her business as a way to earn income for her family. Now, her business flourishes as she continues to open more branches. When asked how she survived the trials in her life, she answered that her faith in the Lord allowed her to surpass the challenges that she has faced especially in her business where success does not come easy. She advices women to start early to reach their dreams.